Sea of Cortez Invertebrates -- DRAFT, awaiting ID confirmations

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NOTE, Aug 2004: This section is only just begun and is incomplete.
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Crown of Thorns
Acanthaster ellisii
Gulf Sun Star
Heliaster kubiniji
Tan Star
Phataria unifascialis
Yellow Spotted Star
Pharia pyramidata
Bradley's Sea Star
Mithrodia bradleyi
Chocolate Chip Star
Nidorellia armata
Panamic Cushion Star
Pentaceraster cumingi
Spiny Star
Amphiaster insignis
Keeled Star
Asteropsis carinifera 
Slate Pencil Urchin
Eucidaris thouarsii
Diadema mexicanum
Flower Urchin
Toxopneustes roseus
Brown Urchin
Tripneustes depressus 
Brown Cucumber
Isostichopus fuscus
Brown Spotted Cucumber
Holothuria impatiens
Pinto Spiny Lobster
Panulirus inflatus 
Trapezia sp. 
Trizopagurus magnificus
Panamic Arrow Crab
Stenorhynchus debilis
Muricanthus princeps
Jenner's Cowry or Postulate Cowry or
False Coffee Bean Shell
Jenneria postulata
Orange Cup Coral
Tubastaea coccinea
Red Seafan
Gorgonia adamsi
Flatworm Mimic
Pseudoceros bajae
Mexican Dancer
Elysia diomedea
Tiger Nudibranch
Roboastra tigris
Tambja abdere
Marisla's Dorid
Chromodoris marislae
Ghiselin's Chromodorid
Hypselodoris ghiselini
Glossodoris sedna
Blunt-end Sea Hare
Dolabella auricularia

Tube Anemone?
Bivalve #1
Bivalve #2
Gorgonian #1
Muricea californica or ?? or zoanthids?
Gorgonian #2
Bumpy Orange Gorgonian (Eugorgia aurantica)?
Gorgonian #3
Muricea sp?
Gorgonian #4
  More Gorgonians to Come
Sponge #1
Sponge #2
Sponge #3
What is this???
Perhaps Synapted Cucumber(s) (Euapta godeffroyi)?
Worm #1
Panamic Fanworm (Bispira rugosa monterea)?
Worm #2
Giant Spiralled Polychaete (Spirobranchus giganteus)?